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Customer Cases

We love all of our communities.
We have highlighted some of them for your inspiration.


Thousands of professionals in the field of public health and safety learn from each other via GGD GHOR Knowledge Network.



Through the independent community ‘1SociaalDomein,’ professionals within the social domain exchange knowledge, ask and answer questions, and network via the platform.



FNRS, the Federation of Dutch Equestrian Centers, sought online revitalization: the association aimed for a new brand positioning that would more prominently showcase their core values. FNRS enlisted Yard’s help in developing an online strategy and community platform.


MBO Connect

Community for vocational education teachers (in Dutch: MBO). Through ‘MBO Connect’, vocational education (MBO) instructors can connect with each other. They collaborate in subject groups, stay updated on developments in vocational education, exchange knowledge, and voice their opinions.



Many football clubs experience the same challenges. With the platform ‘Eén tweetje’, the KNVB connects the different clubs and promotes collaboration.



Inside Procurement is the knowledge network for procurement, contract, and supply management. In this community, professionals and experts share knowledge, skills, experiences, and other valuable information.


This is what our customers say

“We wanted to create a place where residents of Overijssel and various government entities can come together online. Online, you can not only find each other, but also inspire each other. The platform provides a place where ideas actually become concrete plans. That is simply incredibly beautiful.”

Jarno Vedders

Jarno Vedders


Logo Samen voor elkaar Overijssel

“As GGD GHOR, we not only provide our own news and information, but the participants also share a wealth of knowledge on the platform. This way, we learn from each other.”