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About us

Our goal is to enable your target audience to thrive by facilitating dialogue, knowledge exchange, collaboration, and connections. By connecting people in an online community, knowledge and ideas flow freely.

The Power of Connection

People have a need for contact with each other. To help, learn from, and inspire one another. This leads to a sense of support, being part of a group, or creating innovation by using and improving each other’s ideas. You can easily facilitate this contact through an online community. In a Yunits online community, participants share knowledge, answer each other’s questions, and help each other move forward. Anytime and anywhere.

Benefits for Your Organization

A community platform adds value not only to the lives of its participants, but also to your organization, initiative, or collaborative effort. By monitoring conversations on your community platform, you can quickly identify what matters most to your target audience. Do you want to know the opinion of your network? Simply ask a question or conduct a poll, and you’ll have the answer in no time. For organizations that want to work with data and store it sustainably, having their own community platform is a must. By doing so, you become the sole owner of all your data, instead of handing it over to companies like Facebook or Google. With your own community platform, you have everything under your control.

Our Approach

We like to have personal contact so that we can find the most optimal and effective solution to achieve your goal. We immerse ourselves in your ambitions and challenges and advise you on how to translate them into an online strategy. Then, we set up your community platform in a way that contributes to your mission. Together, we choose from dozens of ready-made modules with various functionalities. There are also numerous ways to link the community to CRM systems, knowledge bases, and collaboration software like MS Teams. Moreover, we develop custom solutions for specific challenges, so that the platform fits your needs exactly. We always customize the design to seamlessly align with your identity and branding.

Our team

Ons Yunits-team zet zich in om samen met jou het verschil te maken in het leven van jouw doelgroep

About Yard

Yunits is the online community software of Yard Digital Agency (in Dutch). Yard is the online partner for the social sector. We assist organisations with a social mission with all their online applications. Yard advises and collaborates at a high level and designs and develops exactly what is needed, such as websites, apps, community platforms, and portals.