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Yunits offers a simple, flexible fee structure that evolves with the growth of your community. We have three plans for you available.


Ideal for starting a professional digital community

  • From € 125 monthly
  • € 6.500 licence
  • € 2.750 onboarding

What you get:

  • Standard setup: Choose between an open or closed platform
  • Basic modules: Fully functional (includes these modules)
  • Custom branding: Customise your platform with your own logo and colour scheme
  • Responsive website: Suitable for mobile, tablet, and desktop
  • Automated triggers: Engage members with automatic personalised notifications
  • Custom logo and colour scheme
  • Utilise the web version, suitable for mobile, tablet, and desktop
  • Project management, strategy session, and support included


Your choice for fully aligning with your organisation

  • From € 300 monthly
  • € 16.500 licence
  • € 3.500 onboarding

What you get:

  • Everything from Yunits Launch
  • Choice of all modules: Select exactly the features you need.
  • Basic CRM connector: Seamlessly integrate your community platform with your CRM system. (Organisation-specific setup not included)
  • Comprehensive engagement reports: Gain in-depth insights into user engagement
  • 2-hour sparring sessions with a community advisor: Receive expert, tailored advice
  • All premium modules


The complete solution for your digital community

Pricing on request

What you get:

  • Everything from Yunits Grow
  • SSO hosting feature: Single sign-on across multiple apps via the community
  • Extended, customised permissions and roles: Manage community access with precision
  • Additional branding elements in design: Enhance your branding with custom design elements
  • Custom modules: Develop modules tailored to the specific needs of your community

Who is Yunits Launch for?

Yunits Launch is perfect for organisations that want to quickly and cost-effectively set up a professional digital community. Ideal for both a flying start and for setting up a pilot project. This plan offers the flexibility to easily expand later.

Yunits Launch is already being successfully used by organisations such as VDVN, Sivon, and StartSmartHW. Start today and build your own digital community!

Who is Yunits Grow for?

Yunits Grow is ideal for organisations that view their digital community as an essential part of their communication strategy. This plan is perfect for those who want to tailor the community to the specific needs of the organisation and target audience, and for those who want to integrate the community with their CRM environment.

Yunits Grow is successfully used by organisations such as ActiZ, NVZ, NEVI, Studio MZ, VBO Makelaars, and NVM. Upgrade to Yunits Grow and optimize your digital community!

Who is Yunits Enterprise for?

Yunits Enterprise is designed for organisations that consider their digital community the beating heart of their network. Ideal for those who want to further implement the organisation’s branding and use Yunits as a central hub for other applications, allowing participants to log in only once. Additionally, this plan offers the possibility for custom modules that meet specific needs.

Yunits Enterprise is trusted by leading organisations such as GGD GHOR Nederland, TVVL, KNVB, and NOC NSF. Choose Yunits Enterprise and turn your digital community into a powerful network!

Components Yunits for all plans

The following components are available for all plans. For the plans Grow and Enterprise we provide extra premium modules.

Community Basic

  • Content search
  • Manage profile
  • Personal dashboard
  • Participant search

Sharing Knowledge

  • Documents
  • Knowledge database


  • Collaborative groups


  • Newsletter & notifications
  • Mentions (Notify others)
  • Direct messaging
  • News
  • Social sharing
  • Private content
  • Page templates


  • Polls
  • Question & Answer
  • Meetings & events

For community managers

  • Activity stream
  • Content management
  • FAQ
  • Form
  • Page templates
  • Reports
  • Roles and rights
  • Set restricted content
  • Triggers
  • User management

Yunits Premium modules

The following components are extra available for the plans Grow and Enterprise.

  • Blogs: Enable participants to post blogs themselves and comment.
  • Digital Notice board: Share news and trivia on the digital notice board.
  • Meeting scheduler: Schedule a date together with other collaborative group members (within working groups)
  • Practices & experiences: Enable participants to share practical knowledge and experiences.
  • Project: Compile all project information collectively on a separate page.
  • Protocol: Enable participants to manage protocols in a theme or collaborative group.
  • Wiki: Work efficiently on the same text together.
  • Job vacancies: Enable participants to apply for job offers or post vacancies.
  • Survey: Survey participants and discover their needs and desires.  
  • Page templates: Choose the template that best suits your look-and-feel.
  • Gamification: Showcase participants who contribute a lot.

Yunits Plus modules

These modules are optional for all plans:

  • Two-factor authentication: Enhance the security of your community with two-factor authentication for all participants
  • Multilingual support: Make your platform accessible to an international audience with support for multiple languages
  • Conference module: Organize and manage conferences and events directly from your community
  • Yunits Mobile App: Provide your community with a seamless experience through a dedicated mobile app
  • Website connector: Integrate your community with your existing website for a smooth user experience
  • E-learning: Enable participants to enrol in the digital lessons you offer.
  • Webshop: Sell (digital) products on your platform.
  • Channels: Create subcommunities for specific groups of participants.
  • API: Share news or content from your platform on a third-party website

Frequently Asked Questions

The Grow package includes more functionalities and offers more configuration options than the Standard package. With Grow , you have many more opportunities to tailor the platform to the needs of your organisation. Additionally, we regularly develop new functionalities, which are also made available to customers with a Grow package.

You can change your subscription at any time. Want to upgrade? You will need to pay a startup fee equivalent to the difference between your old and new package. Downgrading is also possible. In that case, please contact your project manager for the costs.

The minimum contract duration is 6 months. Afterward, you can cancel your subscription monthly. You’ll have access to Yunits until the end of your subscription.

Yes, the security of your data is a top priority for us. With Yunits, you work safely in the cloud, and we comply with GDPR regulations.

We currently support Dutch and English. Multilingual options are available within the Premium and Enterprise packages. We are happy to support other languages. Please contact us about your wishes.

Yes, it is possible to add a custom module to Yunits. We are happy to develop this for you.