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Yunits offers a simple, flexible fee structure that evolves with the growth of your community.


Free* **


  • Maximum of 35 members
  • Fully functional (includes these components)
  • Custom logo and colour scheme
  • Utilise the web version, suitable for mobile, tablet, and desktop

* One-off € 1950 minimal start-up fee for the onboarding package.


€ 125 per month* **

Yunits Free plus

  • Includes 100 members
  • € 0,40 per extra member p/m
  • Wiki component
  • Meeting scheduler for collaborative groups.
  • Choice of various component templates


€ 575 per month* **

Yunits Standard plus

  • Includes 100 members
  • € 0,40 per extra member p/m
  • Own app in app stores (Android and Apple)
  • All premium components (like congress, gamification, and slack integration)
  • Yunits API to display content on other websites

** All rates mentioned are excluding VAT. The minimum contract duration is 6 months.


Want to create a fully customised community? Then choose the Enterprise version that has all the functionalities of Yunits Premium and more. Book a demo or request a quote.

  • SSO link with CRM
  • Free to select any component
  • Customised components
  • Additional branding elements incorporated into the templates
  • Link customer data with CRM system or a customer data platform
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Components Yunits Free

The following components are available with the Yunits Free subscription:

Community plug-ins

  • Blogs
  • Collaborative groups
  • Documents
  • Knowledge database
  • Meetings & events
  • News
  • Notice board
  • Polls
  • Question & Answer
  • Vacancies

Features for participants

  • Content search
  • Manage profile
  • Newsletter & notifications
  • One-to-one messaging
  • Participant search
  • Personal dashboard
  • Social sharing

Features for community manager(s)

  • Content management
  • FAQs
  • Forms
  • Reports
  • Set restricted content
  • Surveys
  • User management

If you want to know which other modules are available, check out the overview.