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New features in Yunits

We are working hard on the further development of Yunits. Regularly, new features are added, both small and large.

Read more here about the latest product updates.

Registering for events without an account

March 2023

Are you organizing events for participants who do not have an account on your platform? You can now manage all registrations in one place. When creating an event, you indicate whether registration without an account is allowed. Then, non-logged-in visitors fill in their own details.

In addition, you can ask participants for additional information. This is useful if you want to know who needs a parking space or to identify dietary requirements for lunch. Participants with and without accounts fill in the same fields.

Multilingual platform

January 2023

Do you have an international community? Set up a fully bilingual Yunits platform now. On every page within the platform, participants can easily switch languages. And if a question or article is only available in one language? With the click of a button, the text is automatically translated. This is done using Google Translate.

Advanced search engine Elastic Search

September 2022

Organizations that consider a good search function important can now integrate the Elastic Search engine into their Yunits platform. This powerful search engine not only searches content and metadata but also documents (PDF, Word). You can link multiple data sources to the search engine. This way, you can access external knowledge bases and other websites on your platform, for example. The content of private groups is only visible in the search results if you are a member of those groups.

A big advantage of Elastic Search is that you can influence the search results. For example, exclude news articles that are more than 30 days old from the results. Or ensure that certain types of content score higher. Together, we will determine which content should score higher and which should score lower, and we will adjust the search engine accordingly.