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7 Main Challenges for Associations

In a rapidly changing and increasingly digital world, keeping members engaged is a challenge for associations. How do associations shape their future vision and long-term strategy?

How can your community platform help your association provide its core tasks?

Discover how a community platform can optimize the 4 core tasks for your association. Learn how a smart digital setup can save time and add value for your members.

The secret to a successful community: privacy

Learn the importance of privacy in building a successful community. Learn how to securely share content and protect user privacy.

The different types of community members

To have and grow an effective community, you need to understand the types of community members and how they contribute to the community. We list them for you.

12 tips to encourage activity in an online community

Setting up a successful online community does not happen overnight. Your platform can look great, but if its participants and members do not use it, it misses its mark. In this article, we will give you some tips to boost activity in your online community.

How do you help your virtual community to grow?

How you grow your community depends on what type of organisation you have and exactly who your target audience is. Can anyone participate in the community or is it only for members of your organisation?

The day-to-day work of a community manager: 7 responsibilities

As a community manager, you create trust within your community, encourage participants to actively contribute and let them experience the value of your community. In doing so, you also create a strong bond between your brand and your target audience.

How do you get your online community to engage?

There are several reasons why starting an online community is a good idea. But simply starting such a platform does not guarantee success. How do you ensure that members of your community actually use the platform?

Why your community needs a mission

People have a natural tendency to belong to a group and enjoy connecting with other people. This is the basis of a community. Are you planning to start an online community? Then it is important to have a community mission statement.

8 reasons why you need a communication platform

As an overarching association, you might think: nice for the members but a community platform is a lot of work and we get little in return. However, this is far from true. Read what the advantages are for your association.