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Community plug-ins

Icoon blogs


Enable participants to post blogs themselves and comment.

  • Premium
Icoon coaching


Match participants to one another, such as for coaching.

  • Enterprise

Collaborative groups

Facilitate collaboration between participants in multidisciplinary teams.

  • Standard
Icoon congressen


Organise participant registration and communication on your own platform. 

  • Enterprise

Digital notice board

Share news and trivia on the digital notice board.

  • Premium
Icoon documenten


Share different types of documents and make them easy to find.

  • Standard
Icoon e-learning


Enable participants to enrol in the digital lessons you offer.

  • Premium
Icoon forum


Facilitate the online exchange of ideas and opinions.

  • Enterprise
Icoon poll

Job vacancies

Enable participants to apply for job offers or post vacancies.

  • Premium

Knowledge database

Make all types of information well-organised, accessible and followable.

  • Standard
Icoon bijeenkomsten en events

Meetings & events

Promote and manage activities using the calendar feature.

  • Standard

Meeting scheduler

Schedule a date together with other collaborative group members.

  • Premium
Icoon nieuws


Enable participants to post news items themselves.

  • Standard
Icoon poll

Opinion poll

Create a poll to quickly gauge opinions.

  • Standard
Icoon praktijkvoorbeelden en ervaringen

Practices & experiences

Enable participants to share practical knowledge and experiences.

  • Enterprise
Icoon project


Compile all project information collectively on a separate page.

  • Premium
Icoon ideeenbox


Enable participants to manage protocols in a theme or collaborative group.

  • Premium
Icoon vraag & antwoord

Question & answers

Link questions with answers and encourage interaction.

  • Standard
Icoon ideeenbox

Suggestion box

Collect innovative ideas from your participants in a structured way.

  • Enterprise
Icoon Wiki


Work efficiently on the same text together.

  • Premium

Features for participants

Alerting others

Draw other participants’ attention to relevant content by mentioning them.

  • Standard


Stay connected on the go with the mobile app.

  • Optional

Customised notifications

Receive notifications based on your interests, areas of expertise and preferences.

  • Standard
Icoon zoeken

Find content

Always find what you are looking for with the powerful search engine.

  • Standard
Icoon deelnemers zoeken

Find participants

Search and view other professionals using the search field or filters.

  • Standard

Mapping participants

Find and view other professionals on a map.

  • Enterprise
Icoon content op maat

Personal dashboard

Automatically receive personalised content and be alerted to interesting professionals.

  • Standard
Icoon profiel

Profile management

Edit your personal details, expertise and interests in your profile.

  • Standard
Icoon berichten sturen

Send messages

Send one-on-one messages to other participants.

  • Standard
Icoon social sharing

Social sharing

Share any public message via social media, WhatsApp and email.

  • Standard

Features for community manager(s)


Enhanced login security with 2-factor authentication.

  • Enterprise
Icoon activiteitenstream

Activity stream

Show recent updates and reactions to the topic.

  • Standard


Share news or content from your platform on a third-party website.

  • Enterprise


Create subcommunities for specific groups of participants.

  • Enterprise
Icoon content beheren

Content management

Manage menus and pages easily and quickly.

  • Standard

Customer data connection

Link customer data with a CRM system or a customer data platform.

  • Optional

Customised components

Customise components to suit your needs.

  • Enterprise

Customised design

Incorporate additional corporate identity elements into the templates.

  • Enterprise
Icoon FAQ


Add frequently asked questions to themes, collaborative groups or pages.

  • Standard
Icoon filtering woorden

Filtering words

Receive notifications when participants use inappropriate words.

  • Premium
Icoon formulieren


Create fill-in forms for your platform.

  • Standard
Icoon gamification


Showcase participants who contribute a lot.

  • Premium
Icoon help


Set up a comprehensive help section for your participants using FAQs.

  • Standard
Icoon meertalig


Offer participants a platform and content in their own language.

  • Premium

Page templates

Choose the template that best suits your look-and-feel.

  • Standard
Icoon afgeschermde content

Private content

Choose to password-protect specific content or make it public.

  • Standard
Icoon rapportages


Gain insight into platform activity through automatically generated reports.

  • Standard
Icoon rollen en rechten

Roles and rights

Allocate roles and rights to each user group.

  • Standard
Icoon RSS


Share news or content from third parties on your own platform.

  • Enterprise
Icoon single sign on

Single Sign On (SSO)

Link your platform to an SSO solution for easier access.

  • Optional
Icoon Slack


Send notifications from the platform to collaboration tools such as Slack.

  • Enterprise
Icoon enquete


Survey participants and discover their needs and desires.  

  • Premium


Set up your own onboarding for new participants.

  • Premium

User management

Manage your participants’ details with ease.

  • Standard
Icoon webshop


Sell (digital) products on your platform.

  • Enterprise

Yunits offers a simple, flexible fee structure that evolves with the growth of your community.